Voiced Entity for Guiding Astronauts

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) Project

Astronauts, whether on the ISS, moon, or other EVA, frequently need both hands free to complete mission tasks. Inspired by Iron Man's JARVIS, VEGA is leverages conversational AI methods to provide the user with hands-free access to any necessary information.

Currently, VEGA leverages the open-source Rasa conversational AI platform. Using a dedicated conversational AI platform as opposed to a keyword recognizer that looks for certain phrases allows astronauts to use diverse language in making their request. This means that saying "How much water do I have left?" can be interpreted just as well as "What's that status on my H20" without any additional work.

The system can provide the status on the astronaut's suit supplies or the astronaut's bioinformatics. The user can also inquire more information about their next tasks. A stretch goal of this project is to integrate VEGA with a system such as ATLAS.