AR Toolkit for Lunar
Astronauts and Scientists

Augmented Reality (AR) Project

September 2019 - Present

Solicitations: NASA SUITS Challenge 2020 and NASA X-Hab Challenge 2020

Overview of the ATLAS Project

ATLAS is an AR system for the Microsoft Hololens, designed to be a tool for astronauts on lunar expeditions. The modular system provides seamless access to relevant information without unwanted intrusions through the use of protocols. Each protocol is catered to a particular aspect of the EVA life cycle, including pre-operational mission planning, suit preparation, sample collection operations, repair guidance, emergency warnings, and abort procedures.

While the astronaut is on the EVA, they are given navigation assistance, access to vital information, and tools to aid in sample collection and rover repairs. In case of emergency, warnings and a pre-loaded abort protocol can be utilized to help the astronaut return to safety. With color-coded information levels, redundancy measures using QR codes, and simple hand and voice interactions, the astronauts can intuitively use the system without inhibiting their mission. Additionally, the Mission Control Center (MCC), has the authority to update mission tasks at any point, monitor biometrics and communicate with the astronaut. The MCC is designed to support off-site mission planners and scientists, as well as handle and store data.