Mission & Origin

Our mission is to develop innovative human-centered
and software-driven technologies for space exploration.

We are committed to...

  • providing end-to-end project development and professional experiences for University students

  • creating an open and inclusive environment for students of all backgrounds and identities

  • inspiring the next generation to pursue an interest in space exploration

CLAWS was formed by students passionate about advancing space exploration technologies. The founder was a computer scientist looking to bring innovative software solutions for crewed space missions. Unable to find an existing group on campus that aimed to accomplish this, they created their own.

The first project CLAWS took on was the NASA SUITS 2019 Challenge. This software design competition centered around using augmented reality to assist astronauts with their tasks on the ISS. The initial team wrote a proposal in October 2018 and was excited to be accepted in December 2018. The next four months involved team member recruitment, project development, funding acquisition, and travel planning.

During the winter semester of 2019, CLAWS grew as a team and worked together to develop an AR application for the Microsoft HoloLens. The team also created and organized a LEGO outreach activity to bring the wonders of space exploration to K-12 students. Spreading the passion and excitement for space with younger generations is part of the CLAWS mission.

CLAWS travelled to NASA JSC in Houston, TX to present their AR system, which would be later known as MEISSA: Modernizing EVAs for ISS Astronauts. During this week-long trip, the team had the opportunity to work and test with NASA flight controllers and EVA specialist. These experiences were extremely important to CLAWS and the team would draw upon their lessons learned in the future. CLAWS also made important connections at JSC, and those relationships would be vital to the team's future.